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1. How to search for merchandise?
The search is available in 3 ways: by vehicle, name or number, and also by assortment groups on the HM Gordon offer.

  - by searching by vehicle we go to the main page, in the search engine we select our vehicle and then press the button "Search". Next select the group from the group tree or search by typing the name of the part. We can also click on the layout icon in the vehicle and continue to search by the narrow group tree.

  - search by name - consists in entering in the search box the phrase that is part of the name, original number or catalog number.


2. Ordering and sending an order
To add items to your shopping cart, click on the "Add to Cart" card. The shopping cart at this moment blurring yellow indicates that the item has been added.
In order to send an order, we click on the cart icon and then send it after the type of transport indicated before it is different from the default set

3. Password change
To change your password click on "My Profile" then at the bottom of the page enter a new password and accept the changes with the "Save" button.
Warning!!! - changing password will change password for all solutions using this login

4. Create an employee account
To create a user account for your employee with restricted access to selected directory bookmarks:
  - Click on the "My Profile" icon
  - In the "Employee Accounts" tab, select "New Account"
  - we give login, name and password
  - Define access permissions for our employee by selecting the appropriate fields
  - Click "Add".